Kandidaat Dolores Barolo

Naam: Dolores Barolo
Functie: Manager Procurement
Werkzaam bij: Irdeto
Website: www.irdeto.com/

Dolores Barolo


Het verkiezingsthema voor 2018 is 'De veranderende samenwerking in de keten.'

Door allerlei ontwikkelingen, zoals bijvoorbeeld General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) en de New Distribution Capability (NDC), die flinke impact hebben op het zakelijk reizen, moet er door de Corporate Travel Professional (CTP) op een andere manier worden samengewerkt met stakeholders in de keten (leveranciers, TMC, GDS, Reiziger).

Namens de vakjury zijn aan de genomineerden een aantal verdiepingsvragen met betrekking tot dit thema voorgelegd die (deels) zijn opgenomen in dit online profiel.

Hierbij de antwoorden van Dolores Baloro (in het Engels) op onderstaande vragen en een persoonlijke noot van Dolores::

1. What do you see as the most important change (s) in the cooperation with the stakeholders in the chain? And what impact does that have on your role?

Direct access to review/delete/modify data without the need to pass via a "third party" there is a big need to be independent and in control of our own data as well as have reporting capabilities to monitor spend and take timely decisions to improve the service given to our travelers. Too often "old school/traditional" operators have it all in their hands with no or very limited flexibility and their time to market is very slow. In the fast-moving world I work in, lack of flexibility and slow time to market are big obstacles.

When comparing and benchmarking suppliers I find a big gap between the "old" operators versus the new emerging ones that are way more flexible with advanced technology that allow independence, flexibility, control of data and very good report capabilities. This are the bigger assets that the new players have versus the old ones.

As Corporate Travel Professional you follow the developments around NDC of course closely. How do you look at NDC from:

  • Your company perspective– the influence on policy and duty of care?

I look at emerging players that have the capability to offer a service that marry the flexibility that is required as well as duty of care. There are already suppliers that can offer is e.g. Booking.com Egencia and so on. This again is the strength of the "new" players that evolves rapidly with the market and the Company need of making sure that travelers are safe and taken care of.

  • Your passengers - are they using these extra services, are there guidelines?

Irdeto has a strict Policy whereby Travel needs to be channeled via the preferred supplier and this is strictly monitored and implemented with good results. We also have a duty of care program in place.

Personal note

This nomination comes of a surprise to me and I am honestly honored of being take into consideration. I'd appreciate and thank you for your vote.

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